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Procedure library

AMPS procedures capitalize on our knowledge of industrial methods and processes and can be a valuable asset in training your employees and transferring know-how.

Continuously improving our procedures is an integral part of our strategy to meet your needs.

Our experts at your service

Our staff includes:

Experienced maintenance professionals and consultants in all fields
Technical writers and transcriptionists
Documentation and methods engineers

Areas of expertise

The AMPS procedure library contains more than 700 detailed procedures.

Helium leak detectors
All brands and models

Electronics and RF
All brands and models
▪ Generators
▪ RF match box

Low pressure metrology
All brands and models
Vacuum gauge refurbishment, testing and calibration

Vacuum valves
All brands and models
Pneumatic, manual, butterfly valve

Vacuum equipment
All brands and models
Rotary vane, dry, roots, membrane
Turbomolecular pump
Cryogenic pump and compressor
Integrated pumping unit

Existing procedures

Contact us to purchase procedures from our library

Procedure writing

Our staff can write and translate your procedures as well as extract relevant indicators from them.

We offer several levels of service:

We can simply and quickly write your linear procedures.
Or, we can write complex, ergonomic procedures that include interactive tools. Optionally, we can extract indicators and statistics for analysis.
We can audit your existing procedures and other technical documentation.

Customized solutions

We can also develop custom services to meet your needs, including procedure engineering, leveraging legacy databases, and consulting. Contact us to discuss your specific project requirements.

Procedure rentals

Limited number of uses
Limited duration