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AMPS Software

Logiciel de gestion d'opérations de maintenance ou de production

Comprehensive procedure management

Procedures are an effective way to document and manage your organization's most precious asset—knowledge. AMPS (Advanced Management Procedures System) was developed by 40-30 to help you manage and control your procedures. The software is easy to use, with all-graphical, non-textual user interface. AMPS delivers all the advantages of BPMS1, MES2 and LIMS3, plus features like version management and traceability.

1Business Process Management System | 2Manufacturing Execution System | 3Laboratory Information Management System

Capitalize on your maintenance knowledge

When it comes to maintenance, knowledge is power. And software can help you capitalize on the valuable maintenance knowledge your organization has built up. Customers in the fields of procedure management, EDI project management, maintenance, and production management have turned to 40-30's Software Business Unit for innovative IT solutions to strengthen their maintenance capabilities. AMPS software leverages our experience in the field of maintenance to help you create, manage, execute, and track your procedures.


Implement and manage procedures for enhanced performance

Drive performance and efficiency:
Training and skills-transfer initiatives
Productivity improvement (documenting methods and creating best practices)
Technical analysis (engineering and lean management)
Quality assurance (reliability of execution and real-time monitoring)

Enhance communication and integration across your organization:
Information systems (documentation, archives)
Products (technology and performance)
Technicians (skills and experience)
Service quality (quality control)


Tried and tested in industrial environments

AMPS software enables the flow of information between information systems, products, technicians, and various departments such as quality, production, methods, maintenance, and customer service. Bring an innovative system into your organization with AMPS.

AMPS allows you to:
Document your knowledge and make it accessible for company-wide rollout
Manage procedural data (operator licenses and accreditations, types of operations, etc.)
Monitor all steps of a procedure to improve tracking
Use control and analysis tools to gain insights into how your procedures are being implemented
Generate reports automatically
Reduce the amount of time spent on training

AMPS enables users to efficiently distribute procedure updates using a process aligned with ISO 9001: document control | traceability | competency requirements |