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What It Does

AMPS lets you create, execute, and monitor events in real time as well as access records and manage procedures.

Implement company-wide knowledge sharing

The AMPS Creation module lets you quickly and easily:
Create procedures in digital format
Build simple or complex technical procedures
Document your methods and know-how
Dispatch your procedures automatically
Archive previous versions

Ensure the reliability of your procedures and reduce non-conformities

The AMPS Realisation module allows you to:
Ensure that personnel are competent to perform a given procedure
Adapt procedure content to match user experience
Implement illustrated, easy-to-understand procedures
Control procedure execution with a two-step validation process

Track ongoing interventions and review completed operations

The AMPS Supervision module allows you to:
View all active and inactive users
Check the status of all interventions
Monitor a procedure while it is being executed by a subcontractor
Review records of completed interventions

A one-click solution to manage your activities

The AMPS Management module provides you with the ability to:
Manage the sharing of multiple procedures and any updates
Create your own system of user permissions and skills management
Centralize and align your processes