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How it Can Help You

Manage your workshop

Control processes and flows
Automatically build a knowledgebase
Develop your employees range of skills and reduce errors with a competency-tracking tool that is easy to learn
Flexible task planning

Organize skills training

Reassure first-time users
Avoid misunderstandings
Build a dynamic knowledgebase
Encourage self-directed learning
Monitor technical operations, even remotely

Enhance field interventions

Make technical procedures available to technicians during field interventions
Automatically generate intervention reports for customers
Synchronize data with a centralized knowledgebase
Integrate technical documents and easily update procedures

Improve product traceability

Record all tasks completed during an operation
Track all executed procedures
Connect and interface with instrumentation
Monitor individual parts, sub-assemblies, and equipment used during a procedure

Develop quality management

Généraliser l'approche qualité dans votre entreprise, avec la gestion et l'exécution des procédures
Foster a quality-driven culture across your organization through the management and execution of procedures
Reduce time spent writing process documentation
Continuously improve procedures by collecting user feedback
Automatically centralize and archive documents in a single digital format

Increase productivity | Reduce training time | Ensure reliable execution
Develop a multi-skilled staff | Reinforce quality assurance